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Wedding Tips and Trends
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Now that you've said yes
Make a Wish

Before your first meeting with your florist, make a list of every type of flower you love, the color scheme you envision, and every floral need that might arise. Then think about how youíd like to work those floral favorites into your bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, altar flowers and centerpieces.

Go With the Pros

Even the handiest, most creative bride should hire a florist. Why? Because you donít want to get stuck arranging centerpieces when you should be getting dressed for your big day. A good florist can help you create a stunning look for your wedding, leaving you free to celebrate and enjoy yourself.

Use the Language of Love

Your wedding day should be the most romantic day of your life, so why not speak the language of love through flowers? Most people know that the red rose symbolizes love, passion, and desire, but did you also know that the Calla Lily represents magnificent beauty, Orchids represent ecstasy, and Pansies represent the unspoken thoughts that lovers share? Your florist can help you choose the most spectacular flowers to convey all of your special feelings.
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Let History Inspire You

Greek brides carried ivy as a symbol of never-ending love. Queen Victoria carried Orange blossoms as a symbol of happiness and fulfillment. Or maybe your Grandmother carried honeysuckle to symbolize the bonds of love. Looking back-at ancient history or family traditions—is a great way to choose flowers that add beauty and meaning to your special day.

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Set a Plan
Get to Know Your Inner Budget

For most people, the sky is not the limit when it comes to wedding expenses. But that doesnít mean you canít have gorgeous flowers! Plan wisely and your florist should be able to create the romantic atmosphere youíve always wanted. Allocate about 10 to 15 percent of your overall budget to flowers, and youíll have what you want at a price you can afford.

Embrace New Ideas

You may think your wedding day wonít be complete without a fistful of bluebells, but your florist knows that once field flowers are cut, they wilt. So go into your florist with an open mind, ready to let them know which flowers you love and which ones you donítóbut also be ready to accept new ideas. Who knows? Maybe youíll end up with a memorable bouquet made up of traditional roses, orchids or stephanotis or one made up of non-flowers or fillers like ivy, mint, or bear grass.

Know Yourself!

Be ready to pick a bouquet thatís in proportion to your size. Petite brides can hold a stunning nosegay while a much taller bride might look better with a cascading arrangement. Also, be ready to explain what you like and what you donít like to your floristócut out photos from wedding magazines, bring photos of your gown and a swatch of fabric if possibleóor show pictures from a friendís wedding to help your florist design a style thatís right for you and your celebration.

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Show Your Style
Wedding Bouquets: Be a Trendsetter

Let your individuality shine through with a wedding bouquet thatís all about you! Whether youíre into a classic, all-white floral arrangement or a colorful mix of flowers in lavenders and plums, your florist can help you choose the style that works best for you.

Some choices that are all the rage right now include:

Cascade Bouquets: most often used in formal and traditional weddings, these gorgeous bouquets feature flowers that flow downward to create a dramatic effect. Good choices for this type of arrangement include lilies, roses, and stephanotis.

Nosegays: also known as "tussy mussies," this style of bouquet dates back to the 14th century, when it was used to mask unpleasant odors (thatís why itís called a "nosegay"). Nosegays are round clusters of flowers that can be as simple or sophisticated as you desire. Good flower choices for a nosegay include roses, gerberas, ranunculus, mini carnations, freesia, asters, and monte casino.

Hand-Tied Bouquets: particularly lovely for garden weddings and more casual affairs, the hand-tied bouquet is designed to show the natural growth of the stems, which are wrapped in ribbon or French-braided together. Roses, scabiosa, and sweet peas are all good choices for this arrangement.

Contemporary Bouquets: inspired by unconventional ideas, style and patterns, these free-flowing arrangements are designed with no particular geometric form. Perfect for a wedding that has a cosmopolitan, sophisticated air, they are usually asymmetrically designed and feature flowers that add form and flair to the bouquet. Calla lilies, orchids, roses and tulips are terrific choices for this arrangement.

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Keep it Fresh

When the big day is finally here, you donít want your flowers to wither and fade. Here are some great ways to keep those blooms as beautiful as you are, all day long.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Winter brides, beware: some flowers turn black in temperatures that dip below 42 degrees. That doesnít mean you canít run from the church to the car, but donít take your flowers out into a winter wonderland if thatís where you plan to stay.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Stick with flowers that can endure high heat and humidity. Skip hydrangeas, which wilt and sag in the heat, and go for hardier blossoms, such as roses, orchids and even herbs.

No Smoke Signals

Now would be a good time to kick the habit, especially since cigarette smoke makes bouquets droop and turn colors. If youíre going to be around smokers, leave your flowers behind.

Don't be Sneezy or Sappy

Too much fragrance is never a good thing. Create the intimate feeling of a rose gardenónot the stifling sensation of a perfume counterówith less-fragrant flowers like aster, dahlias and some orchids. Stay away from freesia and gardenia if your venue is in a hot climate or a tiny room.

Get Centered

Creating drama and making your guests say "wow!" is important, but so is being able to speak to the other people at the table. Go with centerpieces that are either very tall or very lowóthis way, your guests wonít have to push your flowers aside to make small talk.

Make the Moment Last

Give a gift with lasting beauty and charm and make the memories from your special day unforgettable!

  • Say "thank you" with a gorgeous floral gift to anyone who made this day especially beautifulógrandma or grandpa, an old high school friend, godparents or beloved aunts and uncles
  • Say "welcome" to out-of-town guests or members of the wedding with a small gathering of Forget-Me-Nots
  • Give a small blossom to each guest, attached to a CD of your favorite wedding songs
  • Decorate the "get-away" car with garlands of flowers
  • Keep some of the rose petals from the flower girlís basket to press into a scrapbook
  • Recycle! Place a brightly colored sticker on the bottom of each centerpiece and send one lucky couple from the table (with a matching sticker under their plate) home with the centerpiece.

Flower Meanings
The Language of Love in Flowers

Over time, many flowers have come to symbolize different sentiments and emotions. Here is a list of traditional flower meanings for many popular wedding flowers:

Anthurium: intense attraction
Aster: symbolizes beginnings
Azaleas: represent first love
Babyís Breath: symbolizes everlasting love
Calla Lily: magnificent beauty; white means purity
Chrysanthemum: gold, red or white means a good friend
Daisies: usually mean innocence; white with a touch of yellow means youíll share your feelings
Honeysuckle: symbolizes the bonds of love
Ivy: represents fidelity
Lavender: means devotion
Lilac: purple lilacs represent the first experience of love
Marigold: blazing golds and reds represent a sacred affection
Leaves and Foliage: symbols of wedded love
Orange Blossoms: this world-renowned wedding flower represents happiness and fulfillment because the orange tree flowers and bears fruit at the same time
Orchids: represent ecstasy
Peony: pink, magenta or white symbolizes a happy marriage
Roses: Red and White combined represents unity; Pink symbolizes lasting friendship; Peach roses express desire; Red Roses represent passion and love; White roses symbolize innocence and purity
Sweet Peas: perfect for new acquaintances
Sunflowers: means adoration
Tulips: yellow tulips represent hopeless love
Violets: represent faithfulness
Zinnia: symbolizes the thought of absent friends

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